Animation studio based in Tenerife. We are part of the Mondo TV Group, one of the main audio-visual production companies in Europe. Since 2008 we have distributed and produced animation and fiction content for a global audience. Our business model is geared towards co-productions. In addition, thanks to our CGI production capacity, which we have massively expanded in recent years, we can offer any type of animation service to third parties. We can also offer creative development of IP almost entirely in-house. 

At Mondo TV Studios we build international alliances and design strategies that allow us and our partners to deliver original and high-quality content. We are a company with a global outlook, and a mission to create lasting and timeless stories.

What we do.



We produce and distribute animation series and youth fiction as well as fiction for an adult demographic. We develop and realise productions aimed at a wide range of audiences for the main international television platforms and operators.

Our focus, always, is on quality content – content that is original and that has universal values.



Distribution is another of our strengths – and has been for many years. We distribute the animation portfolio of Mondo TV S.p.A in addition to our own IPs and third-party content.

In the international marketplace we distribute the highest-quality audio-visual content currently on the market across many different genres. We work with the main television channels, platforms and audio-visual operators, for which we always guarantee the best content.



We can boast state-of-the-art facilities and a team of professionals with highly specialized skills. This means we are able to handle all phases of animation, from character design to storyboards, both for the animation series in which Mondo TV participates as co-producer and for third parties.

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Communicating all our financial information with maximum transparency is our main objective. Whether you are a shareholder of the company, an investor or a potential investor, in this section you will find everything you need to know about our results, events, relevant information, strategies and the value we add to all our projects.


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