Welcome to Fumbleland, the fantastic world where children’s spelling mistakes actually come to life – in the most amazing way! The Fumbles are naughty, cheeky little creatures that spring from the pages of children’s notebooks – characters inspired by our own kids’ strange and funny spelling mistakes. If you’ve ever wondered what the Hairplane, the […]

Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa

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Heidi, Bienvenida al Show

The happy, friendly girl from the mountains is back in a new series based again on an original idea by the renowned author Marcela Citterio. In this new series our popular and positive heroine is moving back to the big city, lured there thanks to an ingenious plan dreamed up by her aunt Dete and […]


Children are born curious. They are interested and excited to know about the natural world and what happens in it. Most of them are also instinctively drawn to animals. This curiosity is a great way to teach them about conservation. Each episode will expose the viewers to the beauty and fragility of our planet. The […]