MeteoHeroes addresses issues like climate change, ecology and respect for nature through the amazing adventures of six children – each of whom can control a weather phenomenon. It’s an important message but it’s delivered in a fun, engaging way that both entertains young viewers and helps them understand the issues and how they can help […]

Nina & Olga

Nina is a sweet 6-year-old girl who goes to school together with her friend Teo. The two children have a very special friend: Olga, a soft white cloud who is the same age as Nina and Teo. With her they will live fantastic adventures in their everyday lifey, through which they will learn to get […]

Robot Trains

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Sissi The Young Empress

In the new third season Sissi, married to her beloved Franz, now lives in Schönbrunn, where she starts a new life as an empress. However, she’s still the free-spirited, strong-willed princess her fans know and love. Each episode is full of adventure as she seeks to help her many human and animal friends around the […]

Adventures in Duckport

The Adventures in Duckport series features the original Suzy’s Zoo character set, which includes Suzy Ducken and her friends Jack Quacker, Penelope O’Quinn, Corky Turtle and others. The series follows the exciting and whimsical adventures of these adorable characters as they interact with and show respect and love for the elder members of their community. […]

Eddie is a Yeti

Eddie is a yeti, but the world isn’t ready for yetis yet so he constantly has to be in disguise. Eddie used to live up in the glaciers of Alaska but his adventurous and curious nature led him to explore the greener areas of Alaska. While exploring the quaint town of Winnetka, Alaska, Eddie befriends […]

Little Suzy’s Zoo

There is another character group in Duckport known as Little Suzy’s Zoo, which is made up of the little toddler duck Witzy and his stuffed animal friends Boof, Patches, Lulla and Ellie Funt. Witzy is Jack Quacker’s young cousin. Witzy’s adventures mainly happens limited in the fascinating backyard of his home. One day, the stuffed […]

Playtime Buddies

Playtime Buddies is an exciting pre-school property full of new friends and endless possibilities! Each Playtime Buddies story encourages the development of positive social interaction and cognitive skills. ”Beacuse that’s what Buddies do!” is the recurring underlying message of sharing as communicated in each new Playtime Buddies episode. Playtime Buddies offers an imaginative palette of […]

Cat Leo

This endearing comedy tells the adventures of Leopold, a very kind and elegant cat, and two very mischievous and malicious mice. Leopold decides to play a prank on the mice by sending them a map with the location of a treasure. The mice find the treasure but, when they open the chest, they will get […]