MeteoHeroes addresses issues like climate change, ecology and respect for nature through the amazing adventures of six children – each of whom can control a weather phenomenon. It’s an important message but it’s delivered in a fun, engaging way that both entertains young viewers and helps them understand the issues and how they can help […]

Nina & Olga

Nina is a sweet 6-year-old girl who goes to school together with her friend Teo. The two children have a very special friend: Olga, a soft white cloud who is the same age as Nina and Teo. With her they will live fantastic adventures in their everyday lifey, through which they will learn to get […]

Annie & Carola

Annie y Carola

Carola, a nerd with no social skills, builds her own robot clone as a friend. Someone to share her love for science with and as a buffer against the teen world that she doesn’t understand and fears. But an accident turns her clone into a crazy, uninhibited friend who drags her into all the kinds […]

Robot Trains

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Masked Cinderella

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Monster Loving Maniacs

Welcome to Monster Loving Maniacs! Three kids are trained as monster hunters by their tough old grandfather. There is just one problem. These kids are massive horror fans. Why would they want to hunt their monster idols? They love dangerous paranormal creatures. And as soon as grandpa takes a nap, which is quite often since […]

Sissi The Young Empress

In the new third season Sissi, married to her beloved Franz, now lives in Schönbrunn, where she starts a new life as an empress. However, she’s still the free-spirited, strong-willed princess her fans know and love. Each episode is full of adventure as she seeks to help her many human and animal friends around the […]

Bat Pat 2

Bat Pat is a spooky adventure-comedy series in which Bat Pat and the Silver siblings, Rebecca, Leo and Martin, get together in a quest to unravel the mysteries of the scary creatures that lurk in and around their home town of Fogville. A range of lovable creepy characters, the eccentric inhabitants of the town and […]

Sex Symbols

Carla, Mia, Max and Hugo are pre-teens who are starting to question their sexuality and the physical changes they are experiencing… and their own body parts will be the ones to explain it all! Through their experiences, the four characters will tell us what young people want to know but are often scared to ask.