‘’Why would a sultan, rich and powerful like a king, wear a pair of old, ugly and smelly sandals? The answer is very simple: they are a gift. These old, ugly and smelly sandals were given to me by an Italian who, long ago, in the middle of a war, came to visit me. He […]

Sissi: Love at first sight

Elizabeth, better known as Princess Sissi, is 15 years old and has a free spirit. One day, the emperor’s mother summons her sister to marry her son. But the emperor, as soon as he sees Sissi, falls in love with her at first sight. This meeting begins one of the most romantic stories of all […]


Loth, the nephew of Abraham, gets separated from his uncle because his flock of sheep becomes too large, so Loth settles in Sodom. But because of the debauchery of the Sodom people, God decides to destroy the city but before sends two angels to warn Loth and to put him out of harms way. The […]


Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son. Moved by jealousy, his brothers first thought of killing him, but then they decided to sell him into slavery. As a slave, he ends up in Egypt. He is bought by Captain Putifarre one of the Pharaoh’s guards. The Captain puts him to work in his house and is initially […]


Moses comes before the Pharaoh many times asking him to free his people. But the Pharaoh refuses to free the slaves and does not yield even to God’s harshest punishment on the Egyptian people. He continues to deny freedom to the Israelites. Only after the Pharaoh’s own son dies does he permit the Israelites to […]


After only a few days of life, after being deposited in a basket in the waters of the Nile, Moses is saved from the killing of all firstborn sons of Israel, thanks to Pharaoh’s daughter. He is brought to the court as an Egyptian Prince. Moses excels in everything and is destined to an important […]


Pinocchio is by now a young lad and has a liveliness common to most boys his age. After his memorable adventures, he hasn’t gotten himself into any more mischief for the fear of being turned back into a piece of wood. However, a cat, a fox and a harlequin, all under the control of Butterman, […]

Inolvidable Heidi

Inspired by the youth live-action series Heidi Bienvenida, this tv movie is an unforgettable love story that all family will enjoy. Heidi and Franco are polar opposites: she is a girl living in the mountains, free and cheerful, and he is a city boy, snobbish and constantly living under pressure. However, their differences will not […]

Padre Pío

In a little village called Pietralcina, amid the mountains of southern Italy, we come to know young Francis. After serving as a friar for many years, Francis becomes a priest and soon begins his mission, despite his poor health. Apparently a severe man, silent and lonely at times, Francis shows friendship and sympathy towards everyone […]


This series deals with the life of a heroine of our times, a woman whose love for God inspired her to love Him and every derelict that providence brought to her door. This woman, better known as Mother Theresa of Calcutta, was called Agnese Gonxha Bojaxiu. During the years between the first and second world […]