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Eddie is a Yeti

Eddie is a yeti, but the world isn’t ready for yetis yet so he constantly has to be in disguise. Eddie used to live up in the glaciers of Alaska but his adventurous and curious nature led him to explore the greener areas of Alaska. While exploring the quaint town of Winnetka, Alaska, Eddie befriends a young girl named Polly who saves him from an animal trap left in the woods. Although curious and smart, Polly is somewhat shy. Eddie’s outgoing personality is able to get her to come out of her shell. In return, she knows how to make sure he doesn’t get onto too much trouble. She is also the only person that knows his secret of being a yeti and completely accepts him. However, sometimes they run into Dr. Atrocius and his side-kick bat who want Eddie as a trophy for his animal collection. With the help of Polly, Eddie is always ready to explore and experience the human world.


26 x 3′


Toon Goggles & Mondo TV


Action / Comedy 3D CGI full HD

Languages available:

No dialogues


4-7 y.o – Upper Preschool