Leo’s World

Leo’s World is a very special animated series made with and for children and teens on the autism spectrum, and entertaining as much for neurotypical pre-school children. Leo’s World is specifically designed to engage in an active and direct communication with autistic children through stories, characters and images they will be able to enjoy like any other children and have a full sensory understanding of it.
The focus of Leo’s World is in the daily adventures of little Leo, a boy on the autistic spectrum, and his two friends, Lola, a clever and friendly dog, and Babù, his beloved puppet. Babù comes to life to transport all three of them to a fantastic and highly imaginative version of our everyday world, where Leo can find out how much magic and fun there can be in the simple things he sometimes finds hard to deal with, and how important is the daily routine for children wellbeing.

The series has won the prestigious Pulcinella Awards as “Best Pre-School TV show” at Cartoons On The Bay 2023 ”for the sensitivity with which such a sensitive subject has been treated, so that children with autism can also feel understood and for the depth with which the characters have been conceived.”


S1 10 x 12′ | S2 in production


Brand Cross | in collaboration with RAI Kids and the support of the Ministry of Culture


Pre-School | 2D Full HD | Comedy, inclusion

Languages available:

Italian, English


3-6 y.o