One Love

Let’s colour-switch!

Designed for the pre-school international audience, the show is based on One Love Musical Shorts (10 x 3”), the short activation series commissioned by Rai Kids and aired with excellent audience response on Rai YoYo.

The show takes place on One Love, the planet with a beating heart, where the two best friends Amo and Ama, together with the rest of the Baby-Hugs and other unique fun creatures, jump from one adventure to the next by using the strongest power they have: LOVE.

In One Love, Amo and Ama will face the emotional challenges that all preschoolers experience. Each episode deals with an important topic related to child development and in particular the eight primary emotions related to growth: anger, sadness, fear, joy, interest, surprise, disgust and shame. Thus, some of the main topics covered are the management of anger and joy, the fear of growing up, the feeling of victory and defeat, confrontation with the group, friendship and love.

The series, which provides a complete panorama of emotions, helps children and their families not only to know and understand these emotions, but also to know how to manage them, thus making it easier to face new emotionally complex situations.

Thanks to the “color change” game, the protagonists who touch each other can change the color of their skin for a few moments, becoming the other without ceasing to be themselves. Learning the meaning of empathy and identifying with others will help the young audience to face sociability and coexistence.

With courage, a bit of craziness, and by hugging each other tight, they know how to overcome their troubles. Helped by the other Baby-Hugs, Amo and Ama will jump from one adventure to another without ever losing heart: they know that nothing is impossible for those who approach the world with kindness!


26 x 7′


T-Rex Digimation, Mondo TV S.p.A


Pre-School | 2D Full HD

Languages available:

Italian, English


3-6 years old