Our aim is to carry out international co-production projects with trusted partners – and to tell stories across multiple platforms. We are therefore constantly searching for new projects, new synergies and new alliances. What matters to us most of all is developing content that can meet the needs of the public and the requirements of an ever more demanding – and constantly evolving – market.

At Mondo TV Studios creativity, flexibility and innovation in production are our watchwords. We produce and co-produce animation series, video games and youth fiction series as well as fiction for the adult demographic.



We began as a distribution branch of Mondo TV S.p.A. The distribution of audio-visual content remains a fundamental pillar of our business.

As well as our own content, we distribute content from the Mondo TV S.p.A catalogue in the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and the Spanish-speaking US countries. That’s more than 700 hours of high-quality animation.

In addition, we take care of the acquisition and commercialization of the rights to distribute and broadcast third-party products: these include animation and fiction series, films and documentaries.

Rightsholders will find in Mondo TV Studios the perfect partner to guarantee maximum visibility for their content. We will ensure exposure on the main television networks, platforms and operators around the world.



Thanks to a talented team of international artists, working in our offices using latest-generation technology, we can offer a complete visual development service – including concept art, bible development, modelling and storyboarding, 2D animation and 3D CGI – for all kinds of animated series.

We are not only able to develop all phases of animation in-house, but we also enjoy multiple financial advantages that we can pass on to our partners. As a company with offices in the Canary Islands we can claim a 45%-50% tax rebate for taking care of foreign productions. This allows us to offer competitive costs while maintaining high quality. We also guarantee close control of all stages of the production process. And of course our parent company, the Mondo TV Group, is one of the leaders in animation production at a European level.

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